Author: Russ

Published Letter to the Editor: I am a BPS parent and a grateful practitioner of Re-evaluation Counseling

Re “RC leader dismisses students’ criticism as ‘attack,’ ” (Page A1, July 9): I am a Boston Public Schools parent who’s deeply committed to empowering young people, with no personal connection to Youth on Board or any students on the Boston Student Advisory Council. I’ve been involved with Re-evaluation Counseling for more than 20 years, […]

Article: From a Clinical Psychologist

As a veteran psychologist in clinical and consulting practice outside Philadelphia, who has also founded a research collaborative between leading independent schools and the University of Pennsylvania, conducted global studies on boys’ education, and published numerous books, research articles and opinion pieces on my work, I have often described my commitment to a peer counseling […]

Article: Oppression in Organizations

In our current society, oppressive dynamics are at play to some degree in almost any situation. This is not anyone’s personal fault. We have all been heavily influenced by society over many years to play roles of oppressor or oppressed – to take up more or less space, to have more or fewer expectations, to […]

Article: A Simple Idea to Build Sustainable Movements That Can’t Be Divided and Conquered

Re-evaluation Counseling is an international peer-led organization that is committed to eliminating racism, genocide, sexism, classism, and every other form of societal oppression.  It is an audacious goal, but who doesn’t want to be free of the systemic violence, hatred, discrimination, and other forms of bigotry that people have endured for generations? In working on […]

Article: Aiming to Build a Better World

People across political spectrums increasingly insist on integrity and refuse mob rule – even when in fierce disagreement.  Republican officials in ‘red’ states rigorously upheld voting rights though threatened by party leadership. Liz Cheney chose to be purged rather than submit to irrationality. Capital police slowed a mob, some intent on violence. One officer died, […]