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Press Release: Re-evaluation Counseling Tells Its Story

RC is one of many counseling options available. For individuals dealing with trauma, abuse, oppression and other struggles, or simply the stress of daily life, there are a wide variety of approaches to healing available. Traditional counseling by licensed practitioners, twelve-step programs, and support groups are some of the more common offerings. There is no […]

Article: Racism is the Issue Here, Not RC

My name is Barbara Love.  I am a Black woman, social justice activist, Professor Emeritus, liberation worker, writer, and teacher who has worked toward ending racism over the last 50 plus years. I teach and lead classes and workshops in Re-evaluation Counseling, working with hundreds of Black people throughout the Americas, Europe, and Africa with a […]

Article: Licensed Therapist Speaks about RC

I’m Jean Hamilton, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California since 1986. I have also been a member of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities for over 45 years. I took many classes in RC before I became licensed as a therapist—in large part because RC’s theory and practice made so much sense to me. Its […]