Unpublished Letter to the Editor: Why I lead in Re-evaluation Counseling

The Globe recently published articles about Youth on Board director Jenny Sazama, Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) and the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) program. I’m a Massachusetts born Iranian-American, a Harvard University Employee, SEIU union steward, BPS parent, working local musician and have led RC groups for 18 years, alongside Jenny Sazama and many others. I am proud of the work we’ve done in RC. I have used RC to change my life and I, in turn, have taught many people RC which has been a valuable tool for changing their lives for the better.

The heart of what we do in RC is based on the idea that none of us gets enough opportunities to talk about our feelings or find a friendly shoulder to cry on. With much practice, we in RC have gotten quite good at listening to each other, and at being listened to. These are simple, but powerful, tools for emotional health and for bridging the divides among people in an unjust world.

Nima Samimi

Submitted June 1 to Boston Globe, not published —