Unpublished Letter to the Editor: Boston media diverts attention away from solutions to key issues

It is unfortunate that the Boston media’s recent reporting on the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) has helped divert public attention away from systemic problems raised by students in Boston Public Schools (BPS).

Boston media began reporting on BSAC in March with resignations of BSAC members over accusations “that the district’s leaders, including administrators, staffers, and school board members, were “racist and adultist” in overlooking concerns by…students.” The article went on to list allegations against Superintendent Cassellius, members of the Boston School Committee and Youth on Board and its former director, Jenny Sazama. 

Since then, Boston media has chosen to sensationalize criticisms and “cult-baiting” of Ms. Sazama and Re-Evaluation Counseling (RC), while ignoring meaningful follow up to student claims of “racist and adultist” behavior by BPS administrators and school board members. 

“Red-baiting”, branding organizations and people as communist controlled, has played an insidious role in undermining progressive movements in our country, particularly the Labor and Civil Rights Movements. The recent “cult-baiting” that Boston media is colluding with is playing a similar role.

Racism and disrespect toward young people are systemic problems in BPS. Scapegoating one person diverts from addressing systemic solutions. 

Brian Lang

UNITE HERE Local 26, President (retired)

MBTA Fiscal Management Control Board, Director

— Submitted June 1 to Boston Globe, not published —