Published Letter to the Editor: I learned so much in RC that I still use every day

I would like to say I am sorry to the high school students who feel they were coerced to participate in Re-evaluation Counseling while they served as representatives of their schools. There are far too many places where we are pressured by people with more authority than we have, and it is almost always objectionable. As an alumna of RC who is almost 80, I would like to offer that what they experienced represents a mistake, in that it is not what the organization of RC would want them to have experienced. Mistakes are as common in this world as pressure and coercion are.

I learned so much in RC that I still use every day to understand and work with myself and other people. I rely on my belief in the essential goodness of other people that I got from RC; it helped, for example, when caring for a difficult dying relative. It helps me to have learned what a major hurt racism is and how much the ways we have been hurt can get in our way. It helps me as I persist with women in my age group as we struggle to take our place in the #MeToo movement, where we belong along with the younger ones.

I went on to receive a master’s in counseling psychology after my 15 years in RC, and I learned a lot of fascinating theory about human beings, none of it any better than RC theory.

Joyce Thompson

— Reprinted from Opinions page of The Boston Globe, June 2, 2021 —