Published Letter to the Editor: I am a BPS parent and a grateful practitioner of Re-evaluation Counseling

Re “RC leader dismisses students’ criticism as ‘attack,’ ” (Page A1, July 9):

I am a Boston Public Schools parent who’s deeply committed to empowering young people, with no personal connection to Youth on Board or any students on the Boston Student Advisory Council. I’ve been involved with Re-evaluation Counseling for more than 20 years, practicing one-on-one listening sessions and attending workshops on a variety of topics, including antiracism and support for parents.

In contrast to the Globe’s coverage, I haven’t found clearer, more useful analyses of racism, sexism, or adultism than those developed in RC. I deeply value RC’s proposal that working to free ourselves from the emotional damage we’ve sustained is inextricably connected to the larger work of building a better world, in which we’re all seen and valued.

RC isn’t for everyone and should always be voluntary. Like any organized human endeavor, RC is led and practiced by people, with their own strengths and struggles. That said, I have great respect and appreciation for the RC leaders I’ve worked with directly. I’m grateful for the useful tools, valuable information, and thoughtful community I’ve found there, and for the ongoing work in RC both of healing from the damage done by systems of oppression and of coming together to free ourselves from those systems and put an end to them.

Mark Schafer

— Reprinted from Opinions page of The Boston Globe, July 14, 2021 —