Published Letter to the Editor: Group leader should be recognized for making young people’s voices heard

I have been involved in Re-evaluation Counseling for many years. In this process, two people share time with each other without advice or argument, and each person can then begin to sort out their thoughts and work toward solutions for issues they may face. When being listened to, people may express feelings of grief, upset, fear, joy, or simply new thoughts about whatever issue is before them. It is a common-sense tool that has been useful in my life, especially in the eight years when I was serving in the Maine Senate.

While I don’t know Jenny Sazama in her role with Youth on Board, since it is separate from Re-evaluation Counseling, I do know that she has helped ensure that young people’s voices are heard in the institutions and organizations that make decisions about their lives. This is a good thing. Her advocacy for young people should not be overlooked or denigrated.

Beth Edmonds
Freeport, Maine

The writer was president of the Maine Senate from 2004 to 2008.

— Reprinted from Opinions page of The Boston Globe, June 2, 2021 —